Dec 07

Christmas Crafting with FIMO – A Review

We were very kindly sent this AMAZING pack of FIMO to review for the blog and from the moment I knew it was coming I started plotting what we might do

With children of 2 and 7 whatever we choose has to be accessible to both ages and FIMO just really does hit that mark perfectly

We decided on Christmas decorations, something that we might have normally done with saltdough, which involves mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, painting and glittering was SO much easier to achieve with FIMO – plus look at those amazing colours – whats not to love

We stamped, and cut out shapes and created some really lovely ornaments, even stamping in their names – I used the pasta maker to get some lovely flat shapes for the children to work with

Then it was off to the oven to harden them


Im a FIMO convert – this stuff is superb, so easy to use, and at the end we just bagged up the opened packs and can use them again, infact Im off making decorations with Lucy’s school next week so they will be used there.

You can get all sorts of accessories to make it look uber professional – but for me we prefer the ‘rustic look’

You can see the pack I received here  and the  full range of FIMO here and check out P’interest for ideas of what you can do with it  here too. Merry has some amazing ideas on her page too – take a look its well worth it

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