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Jan 25

Listography – Things I wish I could do

Joining in with Kate Takes 5 are my 5 things I wish I could do, some serious, some not so.

1) Love exercise, exercise is NO friend of mine, infact it’s a bit of a demon of mine, I have NEVER found an exercise I have enjoyed, generally my rule of thumb has been if it’s bad for me I love it, if it’s good for you I will hate it, exercise fits firmly in that bracket for me. This perception HAS to change and is next on my hit list for attack, so much so that I have booked myself onto the Great Manchester Run, I find giving myself a goal is the only way to make progress, that or a threat, so hey ho I have to get fit now whether I like it or not… Clocks ticking.. Though frankly I feel tired just thinking about it

2) not leave everything to the last minute, though I fear that’s in my DNA, I seem to have an inbuilt innate requirement to put myself under pressure (see number 1 great Manchester run challenge) and this manifests itself in my leaving everything to the last minute. I do it with everything and drives me insane. I just don’t know why I do it and it irritates me beyond belief but it’s a mistake I keep repeating. It’s almost like I’m testing myself and looking to fail so that’s something I would love to change.

3) Make my mum better, pretty self explanatory that one, always on my mind, always ever present. I’m grateful for the last 6 years, I told God back in those awful dark days when we didn’t think we would even get an extra day that I just wanted 5 good years with her, for her to know and be known by her grandchildren and I’m ever conscious that I got my wish but I’m now running over on my clock, maybe I should have asked for more, aim high they say.

4) Take back the awful things that I said to my dearest friend that made her not my friend anymore. I don’t think it will ever not break my heart to think about her and will always be a huge regret.

5)Sail a boat, we have a small motor boat but I look enviously at those sailing, and I mean really sailing, racing kind of sailing, I think that’s a great skill to have, to be under the power of nature not engine. I’d like to get both me and the rest of the family into sailing tho I fear I may have to add it to the list of things I want to do in my retirement!

So that’s my 5, a bit more depressing than I first imagined it would be, but that’s how it’s come out so that’s where it’s at.

Please feel free to join in, I’d love to see your lists too