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Sep 01

Things I Would Never Have Imagined I’d Be Able To Do… Number 276

You may remember that I set out this summer to live life with more joy in it, to participate, to join in, be impulsive and step outside my comfort levels – and I told you how I got on in this update post too.. I’m now home from the house in Wales but I wanted to bring you my finale to ‘Living Life with Joy’ series with what worked out to be the climax of letting loose and doing something I NEVER imagined I would or could do

I went wakeboarding – yes you can stop laughing now – I poured myself into a damp wetsuit and set out with my Sister In Law Gemma to go on a wakeboarding lesson, the weather was rubbish and we nearly bottled it several times before we got there.Nervous as hell wondering why on earth I was even attempting this

This is big for a couple of reasons, 18 months ago I could have NEVER got in a wetsuit, I would have been too overweight, inhibited, ashamed, and frankly in pain, suffering from back, pelvis and knee pain which all miraculously disappeared when I took the weight off and removed the strain on them all. Im 37 FFS, and had 3 kids…I used to watch other people water ski and wakeboard and think ‘I’d love to do that but I cant’ and now… I CAN… I DID IT and here is the proof.

Up – and on my first try! though not terribly ladylike eh?

on the return leg – properly proud of myself

Receiving my tuition ready to go again

Off again

Attempting and missing the turn

Much better

I honestly cant tell you ow much I enjoyed this – I LOVED it and will definitely be back for more, I’m pricing up wakeboards so we can do this off the back of the boat – I just cant wait, so my challenge to you is to find something that you always fancied doing but for whatever the reason you didnt do it.

Call them up, make the appointment and go – I just KNOW you wont regret it, step outside your comfort zone and do something amazing




Jul 18

A Lovely Aberdaron Day – A Photo Blog

Aberdaron is one of my favourite places

Its just stunning and has a brilliant energy to it – yes I know that sounds new age but it honestly feels a little bit magical

Its equally amazing in the Winter when its all big rollers and white horses and windswept walks – if you are ever in North Wales – just go – you wont regret it